Whether sharply defined shapes or soft contours, at the root of all our work is the consultation. The analysis of your hair’s texture and condition, scalp, the shape of your head and face, along with your overall appearance and style allows us to work together with you to design your perfect hair concept.

Service Price
Cut + Finish Ladies from 70 €
Cut + Finish Men from 60 €
Reshape + Finish from 80 €
Cut (long hair) + Finish from 80 €
Consultation + Cut + Finish from 80 €
Styling (depending on complexity) from 40-75 €
Bridal consultation (style trial) | up to 30 mins from 50 €
Bridal consultation (style trial) | 30-60 mins from 70 €
Children (from 3 to 14 yrs) from 35-45 €

One of the focal points of our philosophy is to use products which are particularly kind to your hair and our coloring techniques are the most up-to-date and innovative. We work with a large range of colors, shades and plant-based dyes (from L´Oréal und Sebastian).

Service Price
Roots from 58 €
Roots & Color Balance from 68-78 €
New coloration from 83-103 €
Intensive tinting from 58 €
Color refresh from 48 €
Long hair surcharge from 20-40 €

Detailed light and shadow nuances are essential in art and photography, and it is no different when it comes to crafting your appearance! Through this we can add form and structure, depth and substance, allowing your style to make a statement and putting your hair in the spotlight. Be it subtle shades or high-contrast and show-stopping – we give your hair color a personal and individual touch.

Service Price
Effect highlights from 30 €
Foil highlights 1/4 head from 45 €
Foil highlights 1/2 head from 70 €
Foil highlights 3/4 head from 100 €
Foil highlights whole head from 140 €
Balayage/Ombre/Bronde (per hour) from 100 €
Consultation from 25 €

Gentle contours, lively waves, lush curls or more volume: an almost forgotten artform is a wonderful possibility for a new look and feeling. Due to new developments of techniques and preparations we can now break new ground when it comes to long-term transformation of hair.

Service Price
Perm short hair from 100 €
Perm medium-length hair from 150 €
Perm long-hair from 200 €
Consultation 25 €
Before a perm is executed, a previous consultation must have taken place

Our hair is subject to influences, both internal and external: our stress-free and relaxing atmosphere together with our grooming treatments deal with both aspects. We recognise and treat the specific needs of your hair and skin and, through our variety of treatments and the use of products which are only available to professionals, we can achieve stunning results. The needs of your hair are as individual as you are.

Intensive | approx. 1 hour | from 85 €
Take time, let yourself be spoiled and benefit from the technologically-advanced Kérastase Chronologiste care products. Hair benefits from intensive nutrients and is effectively strengthened. High-quality, exclusive active ingredients include vitamins A and E, gluco lipids, cationic derivatives and Pacific sea water – a fountain of youth for your hair! The plant extract, madecassoside, provides revitalisation and re-hydrates your scalp. Our high-end treatment is accompanied by a relaxing head and shoulder massage. Professional blow-drying and styling makes you look and feel like a million Dollars and leaves your hair feeling unforgettable.

Color-treated hair | approx. 1 hour | from 70 €
Brilliance, shine and high-definition color are the particular focus of this treatment. With the hair baths Bain Miroir 1 or 2 and the Bain Chroma Riche from the Kérastase REFLECTION series, we prepare your hair and scalp for the next step in this maintenance programme. An extensive head, neck and shoulder massage works in the conditioning ingredients of the Masque Chroma Riche and Lait Chroma Reflect, providing protection for color pigments. Using Kérastase’s Pixelist, we repair and seal the surface of your hair. With this high-tech product, it is possible to bring together the most up-to date technology and long-lasting care and protection. The result: protection against color fading and irresistible shine.

Fine and sensitive hair | approx. 1 hour | from 70 €
Let us do something to give your hair more strength and movement! Kérastase products offer many possibilities to deal with fine or weakened hair. With hair baths from the RÉSISTANCE series, your hair is gently cleansed and Masque Volumactive and Ciment Anti-Usure are used to give you back volume and support the structural balance of sensitive hair fibres. After a luxurious head, neck and shoulder massage, we use Concentré Vita-Ciment and Forcintense to lock-in the effects and strengthen the hair’s surface.

Dry, rebellious or curly fair | approx. 1 hour | from 70 €
Shine and softness, as well as definition and bounce are the results of this treatment. Bain Satin 1 or 2, Bain Nutri-Thermique and Bain Oléo-Relax, from Kérastase’s NUTRITIVE series, gently cleanse your hair. But that’s only the start – we use an indulgent head, neck and shoulder massage to work in a hair mask from Masquintense, Masque Oléo-Relax or Masque Nutri-Thermique, giving your hair moisture, structure and new life to your curls. The final treatment with Oléo-Fusion or the Aqua-Oleum ampoule calms the hair’s surface and leaves a long-lasting effect thanks to the patented nano technology.

Prices apply as of July 1st 2022.
We, of course, offer gift vouchers and we accept cash or debit card payments.