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You can find us far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in a place where you can feel at home and be away from prying eyes. Luxury and exclusivity are not only bywords for our high-quality salon and impeccable service, but more: it is about the time and attention that we ensure every client receives.

Take advantage and turn off your mobile phone, leave your laptop in its case – switch off and use the time to indulge yourself and forget the daily grind for a while.

The demands that we place on ourselves: our profession becomes our vocation and ensures that you receive only the best from us.

Liebe Kundinnen und Kunden,

aufgrund der neuen Senatbeschlüsse müssen wir ab dem 15.11. folgende Regeln einhalten:

Nur Vollgeimpfte, und Genesene (2G) dürfen von uns bedient werden.

FFP2 Maskenpflicht besteht weiterhin in unserem Salon.
Wir freuen uns Sie/Euch wiederzusehen.

Danke für eure Unterstützung.

Ihr Farkas & Manthei Team

Dear Customers,

we kindly inform you that, according to the new regulations from Non 2021, starting from November 15th 2021, we are bound to the following rules:

Only fully-vaccinated, or  recovered from Covid-19 customers can be treated in our salon.

An FFP2 Mask has to be worn during the entire stay in our Salon.

Thank you for your support.

Your Farkas & Manthei Team

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